About us


Ketrawe is all about claiming the forest back from agriculture and cattle raising. Usually farmers are blamed for chopping down the forest to expand agricultural fields, so the task is to convince farmers that trees are their best allies instead of an enemy that occupies productive land and eats up their yields.

In that sense Ketrawe has developed and pioneered a unique planting system blending native and exotic to plant windshields in the amazon rainforest.

Those windshields are a fusion between windshields and traditional tree plantations, this model allows farmers to add value to their land, while they increase their agricultural yields and on top of that enhance water conditions, fertility and reduce erosion. 

This system has worked beautifully and has proven to be a success story that is being widely adopted by many farmers.

The end product is better family income, less need to intervene the forest, and a positive carbon, water and social footprint. The key for success has been to balance out a profitable synergy between farmers, agriculture, trees and environment.



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Ketrawe is a non-profit organization that merges three institutions into one, those institutions are Sembrador, Rama and Ketrawe itself.

Sembrador: The first and biggest investment fund manager in Chile focused on the innovation of Chilean agriculture. Established in 2005.

Ketrawe: Non-Profit Organization focused on global reforestation, forestry research and education with presence in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Haiti and Spain. Planting trees since 2003.

RAMA foundation: Foundation dedicated to environment and education. Established in 2007.

Recovering the forest by making planting trees a simple act for anyone