The science behind the scenes

High quality native seeds

The seeds we use come from carefully selected trees with a high natural genetic quality.  This ensures that we bring to our nurseries the best seeds available therefore producing high quality trees that will have the ability to fulfill their functions in the field.



Plant the right tree variety according to the needs of the place.

It isn’t of any good to plant any tree anywhere and expect a forest thrive. That is why we don’t plant tree species randomly in random places. Too ensure the best results, before we start planting we make sure to know in depth the area, climate, soil characteristics and other factors in order to decide which species of trees to plant in each site.

Combine tree species to enable soil improvement, avoid erosion, protect from the wind and give food.

Just as there are specific tools for each type of work, there are also specific tree species for each type of need and environment. For this reason, the needs of each place are studied in detail in order to plant the species that best meet those needs.

We mainly native trees rich in nitrogen and fodder

In all our projects we try to use as many native trees as possible, we do this for various reasons, among them the most important are; Recover the original forest, avoid adaptation problems, reduce maintenance costs, recover fauna and flora of the place, etc. Our trees not only act as windbreakers, they also provide fodder and when their leaves fall, the wind gently distributes them in the fields providing much needed nitrogen to the soil.


Why do we use the Syzygium cuminii

For a very simple reason, this tree has the ability to resist agrochemicals and catch them as they travel with the wind before they get to the forest and other tree species and damages them. That way we protect both flora and fauna.

Soil & climate assessment

Land and climate characteristics will tell us what tree species can thrive in a given place, this helps us to avoid planting trees that are not suitable or that have few chances to succeed, obviously planting a tree that is not suitable for a certain place is meaningless. That is why soil and climate analysis is a very important factor when selecting a planting site and the tree species that can be planted in it.


Why windshields

During the last 15 years our research and data showed very clearly that the productivity of crops managed within a system of windshields is much more efficient than those that do not have windshields. For example the yields of soy bean plantations went up by at least 9%, while sugar cane went up 11% and wheat more than 21%………………. amazing!!

Why should we plant trees

In 2019, a scientific report by the Crowther Lab concluded that planting trees is possibly the cheapest and most effective way to fight climate change. Beyond that, trees have incredible benefits for both our environment and its inhabitants.