Price: 2 €per tree

Project Overview

The Campo Grande in Brazil is located in the amazon rainforest. This project not only plants trees but invests heavily in their growth to ensure tree survival in the long term. Only a small part of the resources for each tree goes into starting a seedling in the nursery. We invest more in the training, materials, and care of the tree once it is planted.

This project is mainly focused on replacing old monoculture commercial tree farms (mainly eucalyptus) for new noncommercial reforestation that uses a mixture of exotic  tree species that allows us to keep regenerate the native trees that have been left.

Project Impact

Our impact covered far more than the environment, food security, and clean water supply. The population of over 10 communities has received motivational and educational seminars on reforestation and agroforestry that change the culture of how trees are valued. In addition, communities where we have nurseries regularly have jobs for a large number of the community to pack the soil in bags, prepare land for planting, etc. which brings much-needed income to the region. We require that the managers always hire at least 50% women. Moreover, the local women’s groups are the ones we look to for support in finding seeds for the nursery or to make marketable products like breadfruit flour coming from the trees.

How to visit the project

Visiting the project is very easy since it is located at very short driving distance of about 90 minutes from the nearest international airport, which in this case is Campo Grande International Airport (CGR). Following the GPS data provided in the web page anyone can drive to the planting site at any time of the year, but we would recommend to book with us a tour beforehand.