Price: 2 €per tree

Project Overview

The Haiti Tree Project not only plants trees but invests heavily in their growth. Only a small part of the resources for each tree goes into starting a seedling in the nursery. We invest more in the training, materials, and care of the tree once it is planted. We grow a variety of trees that create a biodiverse ecosystem and meet our main goals of food and water security for the local people. We use the most nutritious and productive fruit trees available that have proven non-invasive and ecologically appropriate to grow in the nursery. In the watershed areas, we plant a mixture of fruit trees with a high percentage of strong indigenous hardwood trees that draw the water into the soil to help raise water tables and ultimately increase the water supply in springs. After planting events, farmers apply for the support they need to grow their trees successfully. Some receive some help with fencing materials to protect the trees from wandering animals, while others receive drums of water during times of drought. For those farmers that choose to grow hundreds of trees, which can be a great challenge, we track their trees and compensate them for each tree that survives to the next rainy season using the technology from Greenstand called the Treetracker.

Project Impact

Our impact covered far more than the environment, food security, and clean water supply. The population of over 40 villages in the last decade has received motivational and educational seminars on reforestation and agroforestry that change the culture of how trees are valued. In addition, villages where we have nurseries regularly have jobs for a large number of the community to pack the soil in bags, prepare land for planting, etc. which brings much-needed income to the region. We require that the managers always hire at least 50% women. Moreover, the local women’s groups are the ones we look to for support in finding seeds for the nursery or to make marketable products like breadfruit flour coming from the trees.