Recovery of endangered trees.

Species such as IPE, Curupau and others used to thrive in the Amazon basin, but most of them have been wiped out because they provide valuable hardwood. The problem is that most of the trees that survived have been left aside because they were not useful for wood due to different reasons such as low density, thin, weak, deformed, etc. Therefore most of the seeds used to reproduce those trees come from “depleted” trees that were left over causing a downslope in the natural genetics. What we do is to use seeds from the few trees that managed to survive loggers that have maintained their original genetics through time. That means that every tree we plant is a step forward in recovering the genetic value of endangered trees.

Soil recovery.

Agricultural and cattle expansion has been a one of the main reason of deforestation, son now that trees have been removed there is nothing to stop the wind. Wind causes erosion and soil fertility is lost, forcing farmers to use more land to get the same yields as before. Using more land means losing more forest.
We plant trees that act as wind protection and nitrogen spreaders and fixators, so that we stop erosion and contribute to recover soil fertility whilst increasing agricultural yields and diminishing the need for new lands. We do that by taking land away from agriculture and turning it into a forest, in other words, the forest is gaining land at the expense of agriculture….. Isn’t that amazing?

Increasing household income in rural areas.

Rural areas offer few job opportunities and the few employment opportunities are generally poorly paid and far away from decent. In that sense we produce decent jobs that comply to the law and to any forestry certification process such as FSC.
We produce jobs in rural areas for people who collect seeds, produce seedlings in greenhouses, planters, forest maintenance, etc. We also provide trees that can be used for livestock feed and human nutrition.

Women’s empowerment.

Until very recently, women were left out of economic activities, making them totally dependent on their husbands or relatives.
We provide jobs for women in activities such as seed collection and greenhouse tasks.

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